Week 43: Our Offices – A Guided Tour

Welcome to Week 43: Our Offices

One of the biggest ways technology has changed the real estate business is that an agent’s office is wherever they are. Laptops, tablets, cell phones and document management technology like Dropbox and DotLoop mean you can set up shop at Starbucks and your clients will be none the wiser.

Some agents have desk space or entire offices at home because that is more convenient for them. Some agents can’t get anything done at home so office space is very important to them. Real estate offices of the future need to be flexible and adaptable to the needs of the agents who use them.

It was not that long ago that agents expected and really needed dedicated desk space from their broker. Now, more often than not, extra desk space goes unused and becomes an extra expense with no benefit to anyone. We are already seeing more offices in shared space facilities where desk space, conference, and meeting rooms are available for scheduled use.

When you come into one of our offices there is usually something going on. People are excited, and that excitement is infectious. When our agents have a reason to come in, even if just to drop off a file or pick up a check, they look forward to it. Our agents are proud to meet clients in our offices as well.

Stop in and check us out. We’d love to show you around.

– Shayna

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