Week 33: The Agent Business Manager

Welcome to Week 33: The Agent Business Manager – Making Sure It All Works

The productivity and success of our agents is central to everything we do. And the efforts of our Agent Business Managers are the key to that success.

The Agent Business Manager (ABM) is a key member of each office staff. The ABM manages all of the tech based services we offer our agents. Their primary responsibility is to support the daily business activities of the agents assigned to him or her.

The ABM’s job also includes making sure the copier, the WIFI network, and perhaps most importantly, the coffee maker, are always online.

Merely having the tools to succeed is not enough. The ABM’s number one goal is to ensure that our agents are getting the greatest benefit from the tools we provide, making them as successful as possible.

At ROOST Real Estate Co. we provide the training, the technology, and the team to enable you to achieve your highest potential. Your job is to be a hero to your clients day in and day out. Our job is to make sure you have everything you need to do your best work.

Stay tuned for next week’s post: Traits of a Successful ROOST™ Associate.

– Shayna

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