Week 4: Launching ROOST Real Estate Co.

Week 4 Launching ROOST Real Estate Co.

Chris had been a successful agent, a franchise broker and a team leader, and in 2012, he began researching new opportunities, including other franchises. When the market began to stabilize, and opportunities returned, Chris new what a real estate company should look like, but he couldn’t find it anywhere.

And not one of the companies were a fit. The last thing Chris wanted was to launch yet another mom & pop local brokerage. He was determined to create a business that was scalable and sustainable, able to succeed regardless of inevitable market fluctuations.

In early 2013, Chris and a designer created in a set of brand guidelines that reflected a company he could get excited about. Not just colors an fonts, they defined the core values of smart, passionate, supportive and approachable. It all fell into place!

All they needed was a name! And they thought up hundreds!

Every contender was run through three filters: a Google search to check for prior use. The Ohio Division of Real Estate license search. And a search of the trademark database — because a national franchise has to be trademarked.

“ROOST Real Estate Company” had a name that reflects something just a little bit different in the industry and is a lot of fun.

A is often the case, Chris ran into a trademark snag with ROOST, so he decided to pursue trademarks on two brand names, just in case he ended up selling a franchise in a market where the ROOST name conflicted with a local mark. Today, Chris has trademarks in place for two interchangeable brands: ROOST Real Estate Company and Lucky Town Real Estate Company. His franchise company, Real Estate Brands Ltd., can easily do business in any market.

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