Week 17: The ROOST Landlord Advantage™

Thank you for joining us for Week 17 – in which we learn about The ROOST Landlord Advantage™

The unique experience we offer our tenant clients is something we call The ROOST Way™. We make very clear what our prospective tenants can expect from us, as well as what we expect from them. Our team—and our owners—need our tenants to be successful. Securing a high success rate involves some education and a good bit of handholding on our part. That is why we make our value proposition as explicit and easy to understand as we can.

Here are a few of the phone calls a good manager will take, so you don’t have to:

  • “Is there a limit to how many evictions you can have?”
  • “I can’t pay my rent because someone stole my refrigerator.”
  • “I can’t take my trash out because I have a baby.”
  • “The health department called because there is a turkey in the backyard eating trash.”
  • “The ants are eating my neighbor’s eyelids.”
  • “My son died.” – Aaaaaand then he called…
  • “There’s a squirrel on my head in my bedroom, and it sounds like he’s got kids with him”
  • “I’m going to prison next month so I won’t be able to pay September’s rent.”
  • And then this one, which a tenant actually told to a judge – “I have a rare brain disease that makes me forget things. So I forgot to pay rent.”

Here’s a bit of what we communicate to our tenant clients:

What does ROOST expect from you?

It’s simple, really. A landlord wants to be able to make their monthly mortgage, tax, insurance and utility payments on time. They don’t want any complaints from the neighbors or other tenants regarding excessive noise or bad behavior. Most importantly, they want you to take care of your home and when your lease is up, leave it in the same or better condition than when you moved in.

What should you expect from ROOST?

You should expect a clean, functional unit that is in move-in condition the day you sign your lease. You should expect a staff that is responsive to your needs should your home require maintenance or repairs. Finally, you should expect to be treated at all times with the utmost respect.

That’s a little about The ROOST Landlord Advantage – learn more in our Manage with ROOST Brochure, or in the book!

Join me next week where Chris explains why Owner Profitability is Job Number One.

For a free copy of the full book, A Real Estate Investor’s Guide to Profitability, email FreeBook@ROOSTRealEstateCo.com and we will send you one. Or download a free e-book version here: MakeRealEstateWork.com/free-book

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