Week 10: Our Most & Least Successful Clients

Welcome to Week 10: Common Traits of Our Most & Least Successful Clients

This is a special episode! Over the years, Chris has noted certain traits common among his most successful clients. Take a look at the list, and see if you find yourself described. What traits do you possess? What are areas where you’d like to improve? In our experience, these are the traits of  Our Most Successful Clients

  • They are excited to talk about their business.
  • Willing to learn & Coachable
  • They are financially stable
  • Eager to hear the details of a great deal.
  • They act quickly and decisively if the numbers are right.
  • They get as much information about a deal as quickly as they can over the phone.
  • They trust our opinion as investors and Realtors®
  • They read books and even travel to seminars all around the country.
  • They seek out advice from many successful people
  • They understand their personal strengths and talents
  • They surround themselves with a gifted core group of people.
  • They focus on the one or two things they do best, and that make them the most money.
  • They are open to learn and willing to try new things.
  • They see themselves as entrepreneurs and business owners.
  • They set goals and drive for results.
  • They work well with all sorts of people.
  • They possess a ‘Play to Win’ attitude.

And over the years, Chris has also noted certain traits common among less successful investors. Here’s what he’s observed:

Less successful investors often share these traits:

  • They are generally not excited to talk to their management team.
  • They can be suspicious, or even combative.
  • They dwell on an opportunity for a very long time before making a decision.
  • They want to see the property before the financials.
  • They are skeptical and view us more as ‘sales people’ and not real estate consultants.
  • If they attend seminars at all, they are always local and always with the same people.
  • They seem to only take advice from the same people over and over.
  • They want to do everything themselves & struggle to build a team.
  • They are afraid to develop the talents or capabilities they need to be successful.
  • In general, this type of investor is ‘playing not to lose.’

Where do you see yourself? Which of these describe you? Are you playing to win, or playing not to lose? Take a look at the list, and take a look at yourself – which traits do you aspire to, and which ones you’re trying to shake. Obviously, there is no cookie-cutter mold that fits every successful real estate investor. But one thing is consistent across all of our most successful clients: they looked for a qualified real estate partner, and found one they could trust and succeed with in Chris and the team at ROOST Real Estate Company.

Join us next week, when we discuss your focus as a real estate investor.

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