Week 40: Your Pay Your Way™

Welcome to Week 40: Your Pay Your Way™

Whether you are new to the business, an experienced professional, or a team leader looking to expand your business with, ROOST Real Estate Co. has a compensation plan and fee structure that grows with you as your business grows.

Your Pay Your Way™ is designed to be transparent, easy to understand, and most of all flexible. It is designed to support the goals of the agent, and the ROOST Real Estate Co. mission and brand values.

Anytime an agent puts themselves through the emotional upheaval of changing brokerages, they are taking a leap of faith that their new broker has their best interests and goals at heart. At ROOST Real Estate Co. we understand this. That’s why we strive everyday to ensure that we are the only brokerage our agents will ever need.

Over the course of a career, an agent is going to pay their brokerage tens of thousands of dollars in the form of expenses, fees, and splits. Personal, emotional, and financial commitments of this magnitude deserve the very the best the broker owner can offer.

We are always looking for ways to express our gratitude and appreciation to our agents for choosing us. We are partners with our agents as they strive to achieve their individual goals and aspirations.

There are no ‘special deals’ at ROOST Real Estate Co. Every associate contributes either through their commission split, or through a monthly fee, to the marketing, shared space, staff, technology, and profitability of their individual office and the larger company. Only a strong and profitable brokerage can support agents the way we do.

Perhaps most importantly, we pledge to always offer the very best value proposition in the industry. Our agents are some of the leading earners in the business. We intent to keep it that way.

Give us a chance to show you the money. It costs you nothing to check us out.

– Shayna

For a free copy of the full book, A Real Estate Agents Guide to the Good Life, email FreeBook@ROOSTRealEstateCo.com and we will send you one. Or download a free e-book version here: www.CareerWithROOST.com

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