Week 39: The ‘On the Business’ Season

Welcome to Week 39: The ‘On the Business’ Season

The most successful agents know there are times to work in their businesses, and there are times to work on their businesses. We all know what being in the business feels like. We are on the go, showing houses, writing offers, attending closings, and doing anything else necessary to earn a living.

Working on your business means setting aside time to sharpen the saw, research and learn new tools and procedures, catch up on continuing education and make the plans and adjustments necessary to ensure your business improves year after year.

While you will still be enjoying a steady stream of referrals over the next few months, the fact is the fourth quarter of the year is the perfect time look back at the past spring and summer with a critical eye. What worked, what did not, what goals did you meet, and where did you fall short?

While October feels a lot like August with quite a few closings, new business generally starts to slow toward the holiday season. Right now through November is the time to start thinking about next year’s All In Season.

During the fall agents have the opportunity to focus on developing new capabilities, detailing and updating their databases, fine tuning their marketing and advertising plans, and creating new budgets and financial goals for the new year.

It is a good time to carve out time to reflect and think before the frenzy of the holiday season begins. Make the most of it.

– Shayna

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