Week 38: Our Training and Development Commitment / Buffini and Company

Welcome to Week 38: Our Training and Development Commitment / Buffini and Company

Aside from technology and tools, agents express time and time again in survey after survey, that they want more training from their broker. Training at ROOST Real Estate Company is a core value that we never waiver on. Our training and development partners are a company out of San Diego, California called Buffini and Company.

Chris was introduced to Buffini and Company in 2005. He discovered a world-class group of people who shared his view of the business and helped him become more intentional about his daily business activities.

Each of our offices has a Buffini and Company certified trainer on staff and we offer Peak Producers training throughout the year. Peak Producers is a 12-week course that teaches the fundamentals of working by referral.

We use Buffini and Company content for our monthly personalized item of value mailings as well. Perhaps most importantly, we provide Buffini and Company’s Referral Maker contact relationship manager to all of our agents at no cost.

Chris has personally worked with a Buffini and Company coach at different times in his career, and his results always exceeded his expectations. Today we have several agents who have a Buffini and Company personal coach.

We urge you to learn more about why ROOST Real Estate Company has chosen to work with Buffini and Company at www.BuffiniandCompany.com.

– Shayna

For a free copy of the full book, A Real Estate Agents Guide to the Good Life, email FreeBook@ROOSTRealEstateCo.com and we will send you one. Or download a free e-book version here: www.CareerWithROOST.com

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