Week 1: Meet the Author

Chris McAllister is a real estate investor, broker, manager and consultant based in Springfield, Ohio – Midway between Columbus and Dayton. He’s helped hundreds of clients create sustainable, recession-resistant real estate investment portfolios. And his story is pretty compelling.

Chris and a partner wrote a book titled: We Lost $1,000,000 in Real Estate in Less than Five Years and You Can Too!  They did a lot of things right, but when the market shed 7 trillion dollars in value, his hometown was devastated, and Chris was forced into bankruptcy.

In the eight years since, he has managed to earn back more than was lost and help many investors get through their own struggles and into real estate profitability.

Chris has come a long way, and helped his clients accomplish a great deal after the crash. The meat of this blog is made up of the fundamentals of real estate investing Chris learned from the crash. You can find all of it, with a ton of useful information and case studies in Chris’s book: A Real Estate Investor’s Guide to Profitability: making your real estate investments work for you, and not the other way around.

Chris has leveraged these fundamentals to build scalable and sustainable investments in his hometown of Springfield, Ohio – one of the toughest economies in the country. We want to share those fundamentals with you, and help you make real estate work for you – and not the other way around.

I’m going to share some of Chris’s real estate management basics, and the specific strategies and tactics he employs to ensure ongoing profitability for himself and his clients. Throughout the book, the blog, and these videos, we will highlight key aspects of Chris’s unique processes and methods, his team structure and the technology he uses to help his investor clients succeed.

Next week, I’ll share Chris’s story, and provide some background about Springfield, Ohio and ROOST Real Estate Co. In the eight years since hitting bottom, Chris’s story helped many of investors make it through short sales, foreclosures and the everyday challenges of real estate investing. And I believe it will be helpful to you.

I’m going to ask you What Kind of Investor You are, so we can help you establish Goals, Objectives, and Attitudes. I’ll also share the common Traits of some of Chris’s Most Successful Investor Clients.

I’ll explain what Chris calls The Landlord Advantage, I’ll demonstrate how he achieves Owner Profitability and show you Where Most Investors Get Hurt and Why. We’ll deal with Expanding Your Portfolio and dig into The Basics of Management, where I’ll lay out How Chris Does It. And at the end of this series, we’ll take a look at Future Opportunities.

For a free copy of the full book, A Real Estate Investor’s Guide to Profitability, email FreeBook@ROOSTRealEstateCo.com and we will send you one. Or download a free e-book version here: MakeRealEstateWork.com/free-book

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